Life of Indian immigrant in Australia

Planning to move to the island continent on an Australian PR? You might want to re-check and plan in advance on the things you should know prior to moving into the land of the kangaroos.

A better place with high quality of life, unmatched Medicare system, government funded education and other amazing facilities; the obvious reasons for a prospective immigrant to move abroad. We knew that already right! But then again has anyone ever told you, how your life would be in Australia as an Australian PR?

From expert advices on how to migrate to Australia to giving you suggestions for leading a peaceful life there, our Australian Immigration Consultants at VisaExperts have the satisfactory JAWABs (answer) to all of your SAWAALs (questions).

In a brief, let us explain you from an Indian’s perception, how migrating to Australia has been your best decision ever.

How moving to Australia, is a life changing decision for you

Well, the subtitle is enough to answer your question of moving into the country, which clearly would change your life forever. Whether you’re moving in as an Australian PR or with any other temporary resident visa, the country, Australia is bound to keep you mesmerized by its cultural diversity.

The thought of settling in a country, you’ve only seen on T.V or commercials could very well tickle those homesick butterflies in your stomach. Surely, you’re going to miss out on your family if you’re much inclined to your homeland, its culture, traditions, and festivals, etc., but the cultural diversity in Australia could make you feel at home in an immigrant land with a desired good quality living and a cinch of vibrant lifestyle, making Australia your newly cherished home.

As an Indian moving to Australia for the first time with an Australian PR, you may want to check these key features that can make life a bliss in the country:

  • High Paying Jobs – An abundance of high paying jobs, lower unemployment rate, and fast-paced industrial growth – probably makes Australia, the best immigrant destination in the world.  If you’re moving in with high hopes for career flourishment, then Australia is the place to be.
  • Education – Known for having one of the best educational institutions in the world. Australia tops the world for its Government funded education system and highly qualified faculties.


Understanding the work culture in Australia

Our qualified Australian Immigration Consultants say that Australia’s unemployment rate is has figuratively low as compared to the unemployment rate in our country, India. With the labor market being dominated by IT, Healthcare, Construction, and Engineering, etc. industries, there’s ample growth for skilled professionals. As Australia faces a shortage of high-skilled labor in various domains, these blooming job opportunities earn you a higher income in the foreign land.

But however, if you’re moving in without being sponsored by an employer in Australia, you should be willing to work in any occupation during the initial stage. There are many stories of successful Indians, who have started their professional journey like this, so you need not worry about a thing, there is plenty of jobs available for you in the kitty of Australia.

Cost of living in Australia with minor adjustment at the time of landing

Coming from India you may find the cost of living in Australia to be quite high, the groceries, rent of property, clothing, utility bills, and even hotel and restaurant bills, can be too hard on your wallet. But then again, these costs could be covered with a higher wage margin as offered in Australia. Despite saying this, you would still have to manage yourselves on a strict budget to make it through the initial stages after landing in Australia.

Conclusion – how life for an Indian immigrant in Australia would be

Career prospects being the top most factor for contributing to an Australian PR. People coming from India are on the look-out for high-income jobs, quality standard of living, unmatched professional growth, diverse availability of job opportunities, and exceptional infrastructure facilities; which makes Australia the most livable nation in the world.

Apart from a little adjustment in cost, culture, and other factors of coping up with the Australian ethos, you’ll find your life easy and very comforting. But immigrating to Australia is a once in a lifetime moment and is worth the effort irrespective of your nationality. Hence, it’s totally dependent on you, how prepared and determined you are for an Australian PR, while embracing a new life in Australia, one of the finest countries in the world.

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