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Provincial Nominee Program- Your Gateway to Canada Immigration

If you have been considering about moving to Canada for a long time, you are probably aware of provincial nominee programs. Each of Canada’s provinces and territories operate its own immigration programs known as provincial nominee program. As every Canadian province has different economical and demo graphical needs, their immigration programs are designed in a way that best suit the on-going demands of the province.

Except Quebec, each Canadian province manages a number of PNP streams in order to meet their both long-term and short-term immigration goals. Every Canada PNP program is unique and comes with its own basic requirements and procedures for application. The main idea behind these programs is to attract foreign skilled workers with the right skills and education to move to these provinces and contribute to their overall growth and development.

There are basically two types of PNP programs described below:

  • PNPs that require candidates to apply through an Express Entry stream, and
  • PNPs that allow candidates to directly apply to the immigration program


It entirely depends on the applicant whichever way to choose to apply for Canada immigration. For those, who opt for the Express Entry route, must submit a single application directly to the Federal Government, which will evaluate it further.

On the other hand, if an applicant prefers to immigrate to Canada directly through a PNP program, they are required to submit two separate applications. First one will be submitted to the provincial immigration authority, and the other one to the Federal Immigration Agency.

Irrespective of which pathway you opt for, make sure that your application must be complete and verified in order to get a Permanent Residence.

Provincial Nominee Programs via an Express Entry Stream

There are a number of Canadian provinces which accept applications for immigration through Express Entry System. This requires the prospective applicant to create an Express Entry profile and then apply for the suitable PNP stream.

As mentioned already, these PNP streams have their own prerequisite requirements, which differ to an extent from one province to another. Additionally, there are some nominee programs that require a candidate to secure a job offer before applying to the province. Provinces that do not require a job offer are: Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. In 2018, the province of Alberta announced a new Express Entry Stream, however, it has not yet released its eligibility criteria.

Please read the steps below to apply for the PNP program under Express Entry:

Step 1#

Check your eligibility and ensure you meet the basic requirements for immigration as defined in the Express Entry System.

Step 2#

Create an Express Entry Profile while completing the PNP application.

Step 3#

Submit a complete application for Provincial Nominee Program.

Step 4#

If your application is complete and meet the minimum requirements of the program, you’ll receive a certificate of nomination from the provincial government.

Step 5#

Having a certificate of nomination increases your CRS points up to 600, so make sure to mention it in your Express Entry profile to give a boost to your profile.

Step 6#

With an increase of 600 points, you can expect an Invitation to Apply in the next express entry draw. These draws occur in every two weeks, so do your preparations accordingly.

Step 7#

Submit a complete application for immigration to the federal government within 60 days of receiving the ITA.

Non-Express Entry Route to Provincial Nominee Programs

There are several provincial nominee programs that are not linked with the Express Entry System; hence a provincial connection is mandatory. This connection could be in the form of family relations, job offer, previous education in the province, or work experience.

People who do not have any connection in their chosen province, there are other PNP streams for which they can try their luck.

Please follow the below steps to apply for the Non-Express Entry route:

Step 1#

Check your eligibility for the program

Step 2#

Submit a complete application after carefully reading the instructions.

Step 3#

If your application satisfies the basic criteria, you’ll be issued a certificate of nomination from the provincial government.

Step 4#

In this step, you are required to submit an official paper-based application to the Federal Immigration Agent. This process is not electronic, so all documents must be submitted in the form of hard-copy to the office of immigration.

Choose your Option!

No matter which option you may choose under provincial nominee program, one must ensure that your application should be complete and meet the basic criteria of the program. Express Entry can be a bit complicated, so it’s advisable to take help from a professional immigration expert who can guide you through your way through Canada immigration. An immigration consultant can help you explore your options and select the right pathway for you.

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