More U.S. Employers Want to Sponsor Foreign Workers under H-1B Visa

More U.S. Employers Want to Sponsor Foreign Workers under H-1B Visa

U.S. employers submitted 3.08 lakh applications to sponsor foreign workers for the H-1B visa during the registration cap period for the fiscal year ending on 30th September 2022 – a 12% increase compared to the previous year’s registrations. However, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has selected only 87,500 applications, or 28% of the registrations, to meet the annual quota.

During the previous fiscal year, 124,415 registrations were selected, 45% of the total 274,237 registrations received. Typically, USCIS approves more registrations than required to meet the annual quota to account for the rejected applications, withdrawn, denied, or revoked. But the lower selection rate for this fiscal year is because USCIS has revised the method used to determine the number of petitions required to meet the annual cap.

Usually, 60% or more of annual H-1B visa allotments are issued to Indians. In the last fiscal year, when the initial selection could not find sufficient petition filings for meeting the cap, USCIS conducted another selection round. Industry slowdown due to the pandemic could have prevented sponsoring companies from going through with visa applications last fiscal year.

Since there was an increase in registrations by sponsoring employers this year, it is yet to be seen if a second selection round will be conducted this year. For expert guidance on the H-1B visa requirements and procedure, contact India’s most experienced and legitimate immigration consultants at Abhinav Immigration Services – by calling 8595338595 or writing to [email protected].

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