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Australian migration has two very major components: the requirement of a minimum of 65 points or above and a positive skills assessment. Since some occupations require you to have official certifications, a skills assessment becomes imperative for sailing through the Australian skilled immigration process.

VETASSESS is one such Australian skills assessment wherein your educational qualifications and employment are evaluated against your nominated occupation’s suitability or the recently updated skilled occupation list Australia. This evaluation comprises assessing the comparability on the Qualifications Framework (AQF) and determining whether your educational qualifications have any relation with your nominated occupation.

Recently there has been an upgrade in the fees structure of this on Professional Occupation Skills Assessment. Since 2017 the prices have been updated from 1st February 2021:

Particulars Amount

Current price of Full Skills Assessment


Points Test Advice updated prices

  • Points Test Advice (returning applicants)
  • Points Test Advice (non-VETASSESS)  PhD
  • Points Test Advice (non-VETASSESS) for other overseas qualifications
  • Points Test Advice (non-VETASSESS) for Australian qualification


 485 Graduate Visa Qualifications (Only Assessment)


Post-485 assessment


Reassessment fee includes

  • Reassessment (review) – qualifications
  • Reassessment (review) – employment
  • Reassessment (change of occupation) – 485 visa
  • Reassessment (change of occupation) – full skills


Appeal updated fees stand at


Fees of Renewal of skills assessment


This present change is under The Consumer Price Index movements in the last couple of years to maintain the kind of service, dedication, and attention to clients in the longer term. These prices have continued to alleviate themselves over the last couple of years.

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