Spouse or Partner Sponsorship for Canada PR

How to Sponsor Your Spouse or Partner for Canada PR

To sponsor your wife or spouse, or common-law partner to Canada as a permanent, you need to be present in Canada as a citizen or a permanent resident. The Canadian immigration body, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) permits Canadian citizens to sponsor to apply for Canada PR to support their spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, and conjugal partners who come from overseas.

If they live abroad, they need to make it a point that they will return to Canada as soon as their sponsored family member becomes a permanent Canadian resident. How they do this depends on their circumstances and their reason to return to Canada. For example, if a married couple wants to shift to Canada for reasons about their work, they will need to support their application of sponsorship with a confirmation of employment.

If, as a couple, you are looking to migrate to Canada with the interest of purchasing a house, they could conveniently send the land title or communications with their respective realtors. Each of these cases will be different depending upon the visa officer who has decided on your file.

What comes as a welcome relief is that even amidst this pandemic, Canada is processing spousal sponsorship applications for Canada PR application. In 2020, the Canadian government is looking forward to processing 49,000 of these applications.

Along with this, the New Immigration Levels plan aims at targeting about 80,000 spouses, partners, and children to be sponsored every year over the next three upcoming years. Many of the spouse and common-law partners look for immigration either via Outland Sponsorship or Inland Sponsorship.

As a Canadian residing abroad, eligible to sponsor their partner under the outland stream if both husband and wife intend to move to Canada.

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