Popular Ways to Plan your Immigration to the UK

Popular Ways to Plan your Immigration to the UK

There are several ways to migrate to the UK. Successful candidates may apply for an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) after spending a considerable amount of time in the country. People globally choose to immigrate to the United Kingdom for a better life. Currently, the most popular choice among prospective immigrants to the UK is Skilled Worker Visa. The pathway allows skilled foreign immigrants with a valid job offer to live and work in Britain.

However, despite being a Skilled Worker visa, many companies in the UK are using the visa category to hire low-skilled workers. People holding shares of the companies in the UK are also using this pathway to get a residency in Britain.

Before December 2020, when new visa rules for the UK were implemented, companies seeking to sponsor foreign workers to the UK had to go through the process of Resident Labor Market Test (RLMT). It required the employer to show the UK Home Office that no suitable settled workers can fill the job vacancy. However, the government of the UK abolished the resident labor market test with effect from 1 January 2021.

Furthermore, many in-demand occupations have also been added for sponsorship, giving skilled immigrants from India many opportunities to immigrate to the UK. The government abolished the age limit for skilled worker visas.

Read on to find out ways to immigrate to the UK from India:

UK Sole Representative visa- The pathway is ideal for foreign nationals planning to work in the UK or expand their business operations in the country. The holders of a sole representative visa can live and work in the UK for three years and bring their dependents with them.

It’s an excellent option for entrepreneurs, high net worth investors, and senior managers planning to permanently settle and do business in the UK. Once the business is open, the owner must apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor License before recruiting the foreign staff. Once the applicant completes five years of living in the United Kingdom, they can apply for a settlement in the country as a sole representative.

Global Talent Visa- This immigration category is designed for highly skilled candidates, senior executives, and talented individuals with promising careers in targeted sectors. The pathway leads to settlement after three years if you are a considerate candidate and five years for a Promising Candidate. The Global Talent Visa replaced the Tier 1 (Exception Talent) visa in February 2020.

Candidates in IT, science, engineering, and the arts, can apply for this stream and settle in the UK.

UK Innovator Visa- This category is designed for experienced entrepreneurs looking to establish a business in the United Kingdom. To apply, you must have a unique business idea and be endorsed by a designated body. You must make the minimum investment of £50,000 into the new business.

UK Investor Visa- Tier 1 investor visa requires an individual to make a substantial investment of a minimum of 2 million in the UK. Tier 1 has the shortest processing time of two-four weeks. Also, there is no language requirement.

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