Project Management Skills are Becoming Important for Future Projects in Australia

Project Management Skills are Becoming Important for Future Projects in Australia

Last year, joint research by KPMG and the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) highlighted the importance of project managers with an ever-increasing demand for project management skills. And, despite a turbulent year, the need for project managers across Australia remains strong. Project Management is perceived as a valuable skill in Australia. The ability to deliver high-end projects and programs efficiently is considered worthy and relevant.

Since projects are becoming complex, Australia needs more skilled project managers who can manage complicated tasks. When it comes to skills, soft skills rather than hard skills are given much importance by Australian employers while hiring project managers.

Construction Project Managers are in high demand in Australia. The industry development and various ongoing Government and non-Government projects are in progress, thus increasing the demand for the profession across the country. As a construction project manager (133111), you can have a bright future in Australia. In cities with substantial social and economic infrastructure markets ‒ such as
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth- big infrastructural projects are occurring, which will experience a significant shortage of project management professionals shortly.

Skills required to become a successful construction manager in Australia:

Along with strong experience and knowledge, here are some keys skills you should master to become a construction manager in Australia.

. Ability to coordinate between the various processes of the Project (resources, procurement, and delivery, etc.)
. Consulting with the different professionals working in the Project (architects, engineers, technical and trades workers)
. Negotiating with the parties involved in the project on the timelines and the budget
. Contract work and tenders
. Legislation and Standards of performance, quality, cost, and safely
. Submission of plans to local authorities
. Overseeing the standard and progress of the work on the project.

A Construction Project Manager in Australia must have the equivalent of an AQF Bachelor’s degree or higher degree. They must also get their skills assessed by VETASSESS, an assessing body for Construction Project Managers, before applying for an Australia PR visa. Getting your skills set is the first step in the General Skilled Migration process.

Highly relevant significant fields of study include:

. Construction Project Management
. Building Technology or Science
. Civil Engineering (if civil project)

Please note that you must register yourself with the Australian Business Licence and Information Service (ABLIS). The registration must be renewed annually, and candidates must demonstrate both industry experience and qualifications while looking for jobs in Australia.

With excellent career prospects and a high pay scale of nearly $119,273 per year, a construction manager’s job offers exciting benefits. If you have the skills mentioned above and are interested in Australian immigration, contact us today to get advice on submitting EOI in Skill Select criteria! to more about Australia Immigration you can contact with our Immigration Experts at 8995338595 or [email protected]

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