What you should know about Skills Priority List (SPL) Australia

What you should know about Skills Priority List (SPL) Australia

The Skills Priority List (SPL) is a critical piece of information provided by the National Skills Commission on occupations facing skills shortages and expecting strong demand in the future. The list includes around 800 occupations, offering an insight to the Australia government on skills shortages at present and in future.

The Skills Priority List acts as a critical point while considering policies to address the skills shortage needs of Australia. It also advises on training required, funding, skilled migration, and other related incentives. It is worth noting that the Skills Priority List is not the only input to influence government decisions related to these policies, including the targeting of skilled migration, jobs in Australia, apprenticeship incentives, and training funding.

National Skills Commission was established in July 2020 under the National Commissioner Act 2020, focusing on three main areas:

. To make an enduring and relevant contribution to labor market information
. To improve the quality, accessibility and relevance of VET
. To contribute to a labor market that effectively aligns skills needs with education and training.

The list also acts as an essential tool for gaining knowledge of Australia’s labor market conditions, emerging and future workforce skills needs, Australia immigration to Government, and the Australian public.

The SPL is reviewed and updated annually on the NSC website. It also features other additional reports regarding the analysis of skilled occupations, including skills needed to perform these jobs and the initiatives government plans to implement to build a strong economy for the future.

Shortages are most common in the Technicians and Trades Workers occupation group (with 42% of occupations assessed in this group in shortage nationally), followed by Professionals (19%), Machinery Operators and Drivers (17%), Managers (12%) and Community and Personal Service Workers (8%).

Currently, Australia’s labor market needs thousands of skilled workers across multiple sectors. Some occupations facing strong demand are described as follows:

. Mechanical Engineer (233512)
. Corporate Services Manager (132111)
. Quality Assurance Manager (139914)
. Accountant (General) (221111)
. Management Accountant (221112)
. Social Worker (272511)
. Maintenance Planner (312911)
. Analyst Programmer (261311)
. ICT Business Analyst (261111)
. Systems Analyst (261112)
. ICT Security Specialist (262112)

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