Quebec Win – Invites migrants in innovative support program!

With the announcement of launching a support program for new immigrants on 8th August 2019. The provincial government of Quebec has plans for all aspiring immigrant to take up this personalized career pathway, to open doors for newcomers into the Quebec labor market and community i.e. after meeting the requirement for Quebec Immigration. Launched as a part of the immigration reforms act of Quebec with the objective of providing better post landing experience to new immigrants.

According to sources, once you’ve completed your application for Quebec immigration and upon receiving a CSQ, you’ll be approached by MIDI officers to accommodate you with details of this integrated career program.

The primary objective of the course is to integrate you (an aspiring immigrant) to its rich French culture and flourish community. As a best possible tool for support, the Personalized Career Pathway successfully integrates you into the Quebec society.

How do I qualify for the Personalized Career Pathway?

To be entitled to receive the benefits of this integrated support program, one must be a permanent resident of Quebec.

For being a Quebec PR, you must first show interest in migrating to the province, the immigration department then evaluates your profile with their specified criteria and grants the CSQs accordingly. Upon receiving the Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ), you must appeal to the federal govt. to successfully become a permanent resident. Thereafter once you’ve become a Permanent Resident, you’ll be entitled to receive all the benefits of the personalized support program.

In a statement made by The Coalition Avenir Quebec – “The course promotes the full participation of immigrants in the collective life and labour market of Quebec.” Thus, this program is aimed at familiarizing and assisting new immigrants to the employment market and community of Quebec.

What is the scope of the program?

The scope of the program entails accessible, flexible and adaptable coaching classes through the entire integration process that is uniquely designed to meet each and every individuals personal and professional preferences. Let us know what the program offers to a new immigrant:

  • Under this scheme, an immigration officer will be designated to each prospective candidate, who will then follow up and provide guidance step-by-step.
  • The assistance offered by the MIDI officers will be designed to meet your specific requirements.
  • Once you land in Quebec, you’ll be greeted at the airport by the MIDI officer, he will then meet you within five days to design a customized and special career plan.
  • You’ll be entitled to receive information on the landscape and demography of Quebec, along with the scope of your profession based on your qualification.
  • You’ll also be suggested to take up French course online if you’re a beginner in the language.
  • Your progress will be monitored and adjusted accordingly by MIDI officers based on the action plan.

What are the factors needed for generating the plan of action for newcomers?

After meeting the immigration officer, an integrated plan of action is generated based on the following four key areas of personal development:

  • Settlement / Arrival orientation (orientation upon arrival)
  • Francization (support for French language assistance)
  • Integration into the job market – (various possibilities for job opportunities asper the profile)
  • Community integration – (Integration to community services and avail social benefits)

This immigration support pathway is introduced an optional service to learn about the Quebec ways and to familiarize with its cultural believes and job market, for which every participating new immigrant will receive an allowance of CAD $185.

Though the government has reduced its immigration intake for 2019, but the officials from CAQ have proclaimed to increase the annual number back above 50,000 by 2022. With the focus on promoting and ensuring the successful integration and orientation of the newcomers of different background into the Quebec society. The provincial government of Quebec had planned to invest 20 million dollars annually for this particular program.

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With genuine efforts from the government to make immigrants feel like home with open arms to its cultural upbringing, career opportunities and high standards of living. This might a good time to think about immigrating to Quebec.

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