Reasons of delay in LMIA Application processing

Reasons of delay in LMIA Application processing

Are you tired of waiting for your Labour Market Impact Assessment Application processing for Canada PR Visa? Why does it take such a long time when it comes to the processing time? When you apply LMIA, the last thing you want to experience is an untimed delay and scores of waiting time. This is why you want to take care of such possible days. But how do you do that?

When you own a business in Canada or are an employer, or even playing the role of a Staffing/HR manager for a company, you know the significance of an overseas talented, skilled worker to your business. At times, local talent does not have the required set of skills and work experience for the position being hired by the Canadian employer.

These vacant positions look forward to being filled by these talented foreign professionals. For having access to a larger pool of these applicants, you will be required to apply for an LMIA. Here are some reasons which can cause unnecessary delays in the typical Service Canada time of processing:

  1. Job Description

Always write out a clear job description for the job you are advertising. It must showcase the duties that the potential employee will carry out. What may be clear to you shall be interpreted differently by the officer in charge of your application processing which may lead to Canada Immigration.

  1. Advertising Content

For Services Canada to know that you are on the lookout for recruiting an overseas worker, you should have searched for Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Also, ensure that you advertise the job at a wide range of places, as posting it at one or two sites is inadequate. The more places you advertise, the better will be the reach for people.

Moreover, ensure for how long you have been carrying out the advertisement for the vacancy. For example, you have advertised the position for three months whereas you had a vacancy for eight months, you cannot blame Services Canada for finding a suitable candidate.

  1. Documents of Support

With seven different kinds of LMIA applications, each has its own unique set of requirements. These applications need proof of the legitimacy of your business and evidence you have tried to hire local Canadians as the first option since a Services Canada officer will not allow you to recruit any overseas worker without the necessary documents evn for your Canada PR Visa.

Make sure that you have all the required documents ready to avoid delays in processing your LMIA application. Missing documents can be a barrier in application processing, especially if you do not have proof of recruitment. Your application can be returned or refused if Services Canada feels that your application is incomplete

  1. Centre of Processing

There are various processing centers of Services Canada across Canada. Ensure that you send your application to the right-center to avoid any delays. It will be based on the region where the temporary foreign worker will be hired and the LMIA stream.

Every application is sent to a single processing officer, and whether or not your LMIA application shall be approved or refused will be in their hands. All they check is whether you have followed all the guidelines you have followed to hire overseas workers as an employer. Canada Immigration authority needs to know the wages and perks you will be offering are sufficient and that your workplace is following proper standards, and the fact that an addition of an overseas worker will benefit the economy of Canada.

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