Labor Market Impact Assessment Processing Delays. What Applicants Should Know?

Labor Market Impact Assessment Processing Delays. What Applicants Should Know?

Have you applied for Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)? Are you worried about the delay in your application processing? Every year, the Employment and Social Development Canada processes thousands of LMIA applications, resulting in longer processing times for some Temporary Foreign Worker Program streams. Apart from this, many factors also contribute to Canada LMIA processing delays, making you feel anxious and concerned.

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) handles Canada’s work permit and LMIA requests. The organization has also published the average processing time under each visa category. Look at the table below to learn about the Average processing times for July 2021:

Type of Application                                                                Processing Time

Global Talent Stream                                                                   9 Business days

Agricultural stream                                                                     16 business days

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program                                   8 business days

Permanent residence stream                                                    16 business days

In-home caregivers                                                                     15 business days

High-wage stream                                                                      34 business days

Low-wage stream                                                                       31 business days

Factors Affecting LMIA Processing Delays

Whether you want to establish a new business or work as an acting staff for a company, foreign workers are highly critical to Canada’s economic growth and prosperity. Many companies in Canada rely heavily on skilled newcomers to fill job positions for which no local talent is available. To apply as a temporary worker in Canada, you must apply for an LMIA first before getting a work permit.

Read on below to know what causes LMIA processing delays:

Job Description

While submitting an LMIA-based application, applicants must ensure to provide a clear and complete job description. The job vacancy must demonstrate the full job responsibilities your potential employee will perform.

Employers should advertise properly on what type of skills they are looking for? Do you want a highly skilled worker or a low general laborer? Does the work require the operating of heavy machines? Or, is the employee willing to work in a remote location? Things that may look straightforward to you might confuse the visa officer. So, be complete, clear, and concise.


To hire a foreign worker, employers must convince Service Canada that they have tried their best to find local talent. It is one of the essential factors in getting speedy approval.

Please ensure that your job vacancy is advertised in a variety of places. Merely posting the job vacancy in limited places won’t benefit you. It will help if you reach many places and people to advertise your job.

Additionally, you also need to specify how long you have advertised for the job vacancy. It would be best to promote the job vacancy for sufficient time to convince the visa officer that you could not find the talent you need even after the rigorous advertisement.

Supporting Documents

 Each LMIA application has its unique requirements. All LMIA-based applications require businesses to prove their legitimacy and have tried to recruit permanent residents or Canadians. To avoid unnecessary delays or refusals, make sure to submit all the necessary documents in favor of your application. Missing documents can put your entire application in jeopardy. In any way, Service Canada sees an incomplete application. It will not take a minute to return it or refuse it.

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