Strengthening Ties between India and Australia- A Big Boom for Indian Students

Strengthening Ties between India and Australia- A Big Boom for Indian Students

Australia’s economic ties with India are long-standing and influential. The economic partnership between the two nations is a strategic move to ensure more growth opportunities for Indians in education, agriculture, I.T., healthcare, financial services, science & innovation, and infrastructure.

Currently, India is Australia’s second-largest partner in international education, offering large-scale potential in commercializing offshore training models. Australia plans to develop a new action Market Plan to make India an ambassador of its International Education 2025 initiatives. The partnership will make Australia a hub for attracting international students to pursue postgraduate and doctoral degrees.

The recent virtual summit between the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, on 21 March illustrated the closeness between the two countries. The world’s most significant leaders unveil their ambitious plans for skilled worker mobility, international education, cyber security, infrastructure, etc.

Since education is a booming and high-potential sector, the Prime Ministers of both nations have also unveiled a Taskforce on Education Qualifications Recognition at the summit. The task force could be a game-changer for improving India and Australia’s educational, research, and economic collaboration. It will also unlock new pathways for international student mobility and highly-skilled professionals planning to live, work, and study in Australia.

Education is one of the critical components of a growing relationship between two nations. It’s an essential ingredient of their bilateral relationship. The step is also a landmark development depicting how Indian students are a valuable part of Australia’s growing community.

In consultation with other stakeholders, the task force will identify opportunities and use the best practices to make recommendations on the two-way qualifications recognition. The task force will emphasize recognizing online and blended learning joint degrees and offshore campuses.


Australia- An International Education Paradise for Indian Students

Australia is a notable destination for Indian students seeking higher education options abroad. India is also one of the most significant sources of immigrants in Australia. Many Indian students continue to choose Australia for their education because of promising global career opportunities, high-quality education, top colleges, and excellent post-study work rights.

As a landmark development, the Australian Trade and Investment Commission has also introduced SAIEP (Study Australia Industry Immersion Program) for Indian students studying in Australia. The program aims to boost the employability skills of Indian students and help them prosper in the Australian labor market.

In a collaboration, Indian and Australian universities are working to develop an education model where Indians can start their education in India and finish on an Australian campus. These students will have degrees from both institutions.

Apart from students, Australia has also opened doors for Indian I.T professionals, chefs, teachers, managers, etc., who can get a four-year visa either as contractual workers on an onsite job or as part of an intra-company transfer.

Besides, as per the agreement, professionals such as nurses and doctors will no longer have issues getting their qualifications recognized in Australia.

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