Latest Australian Immigration Updates for March 2022

Latest Australian Immigration Updates for March 2022

Australian borders are now fully opened from 22nd February 2022 for all fully vaccinated visa holders without applying for travel exemption.


Re-opening of Western Australia

Western Australia re-opened on 3rd March 2022 to open Australia to the world after two years of stringent border restrictions and travel bans. Now overseas students can come to WA quarantine free and exemption.


476 Skilled recognized graduates

Those qualified Skilled Recognized Graduate (Subclass 476) visa holders whose time has been wasted due to COVID-19 international border limitations shall extend their visas for 24 months. This visa permits recent engineering graduates to live, work or study in Australia.


TSS 482 visa – Short term occupation to PR route and processing time

Hawke announced on 25th November 2021 that enhancing visa routes to PR would now be accessible by TSS Subclass 482 visa holders as well. Also, as of 18th March 2022, fresh alterations to TSS visa 482 in 2022 has been officially approved by the Federal Government



The third iteration of South Australia DAMA has been approved and published on the SA Migration website. This new DAMA has secured an array of exciting occupations such as Hospitality and Tourism, Motor trades, Agribusiness, and other manufacturing and forestry occupations.


Subclass 408 visa – pandemic event visa stream

From 2nd March 2022, all holders of temporary visas can enjoy access to the COVID-19 Pandemic Event (Subclass 408) visa. With this, skilled workers who have enrolled for study in Australia can now stay back in Australia and save on their pockets.


Skilled Visa 491/489

There will now be an extension from 3 years from the date of cessation for 491 and 489 visa holders.


Global Talent Visa

With the recent successful Global Talent visa cases, the Australian Department of Home Affairs is asking for more about the nominator’s quality. That means a better nominator after the lodging of the EOI.


Agricultural Visas

The Agriculture Visa program is open as of 4th March 2022, with the IELTS requirement of 4.0 and 21 years of age or above. Now small and medium businesses shall access the agriculture visa program with DFAT agreement.0020


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