Top 10 Benefits of Canada PR Visa for Indians

Top 10 Benefits of Canada PR Visa for Indians

Canada is ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live and work in. The country offers a superb quality of life and is known for economic sustainability, cultural diversity, and an immigrant-friendly environment. Canada PR visa gets you so many things from high living standards to free education to incredible employment opportunities, and whatnot.

Once you obtain permanent residency status in Canada, you have the right to live, work, and study in any province or territory. You are not obliged to live in a specific region or work under the same employer.

This article will discuss the top 10 benefits of having permanent residency in Canada.

Right to live and work– As mentioned above, PR visa holders enjoy the freedom to live anywhere in Canada with no restrictions. You can choose any city, province, and employer to live and work for. You also enjoy the freedom of movement to and from Canada.

Bring your family members- Your PR card permits you to bring your immediate family members with you in Canada. However, you will be required to sponsor specific individuals above 18 years.

Free education for children- The government of Canada provides free education to children up to a specific age limit. As a permanent resident of Canada, your child is entitled to have free education. Moreover, the university tuition fee is also less for the children of PR cardholders.

Universal healthcare system- Canadian government offers a universal healthcare system to all permanent residents and citizens. Medicare is free for all Canadians, and it also covers a range of prescription drugs, which are paid through taxes. PR cardholders can also apply for health insurance in Canada.

Access to social benefits- Permanent residents in Canada can also enjoy several social benefits after accumulating 40 credit points. The point is equivalent to ten years of work, or 40 quarters. The Canadian residents get high-paying jobs and tax rebates, which make their lives better and more comfortable. Other forms of social benefits are- retirement benefits, employment insurance, disability benefits, and survivors’ benefits.

Leads to citizenship- A permanent residency card in Canada is valid for five years. After this period, you may either choose to extend it or apply for citizenship. Canadian citizenship has its benefits as you can apply for government jobs and earn the right to vote in elections.

Freedom of movement- As a PR cardholder, you can fly to and from Canada as many times as you want. You can also move to another province or territory. You can take up a new job, get admission to a college, or make different types of livelihoods in Canada.

Start your business-Canada supports entrepreneurship, regardless of your residency status or country of origin. Landed immigrants can immediately start their business, provided they follow all legal obligations and immigration policies. As part of the Canada Immigration process, you may buy a franchise or establish a new business as self-employed. You can also have your start-up business or a corporation without being a citizen.

Safe and stable environment- Canada is considered one of the safest countries globally. The crime rate is low, government policies are favorable, and you can quickly contact police officials and get a quick response. People counting safety as the most significant priority consider Canada as the top destination for immigration.

Employment opportunities- Canada has endless job opportunities for skilled professionals seeking a new life in Canada. The country has a shortage of laborers across many sectors and industries. A permanent resident can easily apply for these jobs (except government positions) and enjoy a flourishing career.

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