Top 5 qualifications to grab additional points for Australia PR

With a reserved quota of 190,000 visa applications for each year, skilled immigrants from around the world are constantly motivated to apply for Australia PR. Having one of the strongest economies in the world combined with world-class education system, well-adjusted life style, and picturesque landscape, Australia is nothing but heaven on earth for immigrants to settle and work.

Being praised for a highly-organized immigration system, Australia follows a point-based intake regime is controlled and governed by the Australian government. These points are then allocated based on the applicants — qualifications, work experience and English proficiency, which should be more than 65 points for being eligible to lodge an application for an Australia PR visa.

But securing a bare minimum point is not enough to complete one’s mission of immigration Australia. How do you raise your score, such that your application is given additional weightage as compared to other competing in the immigrant pool. What you need to understand here is that the more there is demand for an occupation, the easier it is to get a PR. Therefore, every year the government of Australia releases a list of occupations, which is highly valued and given utmost priority by the immigration dept. for a permanent resident Australia visa application.

Considering this, it is not a surprise, why millions of highly skilled immigrants from around the world are lured by Australia’s grandeur to make a difference in their career. Thus, it becomes vital to unravel the qualifications that are in demand by employers in Australia to qualify for a chance to get an assured shot for Australia PR. Kindly note that these educational qualifications are not just required in Australia, but all over the world.

Qualifications that lead to Skilled Migration for Permanent Residency in Australia.

Computer and Information Technology (IT)

Any course with majors in Information Technology is sunk into the very core of every industries around the world, and Australia is no exception. One reason why almost all IT professions are added in the ‘Skilled Occupation List’ is because Australia’s economic flourishment is largely shouldered on IT professionals in all fields. Due to a higher requirement of IT professionals, immigrants with IT studies and pursed profession in the same may express their wish to settle permanently in Australia.


As one of the fastest rising employment opportunities in Australia, Accountancy gets the second-best spot in the ‘Skilled Occupation List’. Many Australian firms are in need of highly skilled Accountants with profound skills in General Accounting, Taxation, Management Accounts, and Compliance Requirements. If you are a professional with forte in Accountancy, be sure that your occupation is highly needed by the Aussies.


Almost all spheres of Engineering are highly required and listed in SOL of Australia. In the light of technological advancement facing such shortage in manpower for engineering aspirants, Australia desperately seeks overseas engineers in the following fields – Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, Production & Plant Engineering, Telecommunications Field Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.

With an average earned salary of $60,705, engineers are the highest paid professionals in Australia. And if you possess relevant experience in this particular field, then you may very well qualify for immigration as you have a higher chance of being approved for an Australian PR.


When speaking about our passionate miracle workers, nursing profession has given us super heroes disguised in pink and blue. Being renowned as one of the top countries in the world with unparalleled Medicare system, Australia is quite possessive of its skilled workforce in nursing and midwifery. Theses professional qualifications yield immense rewards along with challenging occupations. Though this professional qualification is in high demand, but if you are planning to enter the Australian territory you must get your nursing and midwifery qualification certified by ANMAC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council).

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Education and Teaching

Thus, making it to the top 5 we have Education & Teaching qualifications that pave way for Australia PR as there is ample opportunity of growth for Special Needs Teacher, Preliminary Teacher, Vocational education Teacher, Teachers for English, and Lecturers. Australia being a powerhouse for having the best Education system in the world, is eagerly looking for more highly qualified immigrants to participate in these occupations listed in SOL for a chance to be a part of the Australian economy.

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