Canada Post Graduate Work Permits – New laws & Expectations!

Courtesy of a new rule concerning the Canada Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWPs) and effective for every application received for these, either on or post February 14, 2019, the permits are no more exempt from the Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMAs).

Students & Critics Unhappy

The development may certainly not be music to many students keen to work in Canada on the Post Graduate Work Permits (PGWPs). Allegedly, it’s a negative development and requires that recruiters/firms begin the procedure early in case they plan to engage post-grad workers. Both student and recruiter would do well to get their paperwork together before long.

The exemption to the LMIA procedure earlier was a HUGE benefit for the recent graduates and employers alike. Formerly, these were regarded open and coded as C43. But, Ottawa has ended this exemption and now as mentioned a short while ago post-grad students and job-providers/firms have to undergo the LMIA procedure, just like other candidates.

What does it mean?

It denotes that now the recruiters have to recruit for four weeks and illustrate that it failed to find a qualified worker in the Maple Leaf Country, prior to it hires a post-graduate student.

What’s an LMIA requires?

It requires that an employer show that since there are no local people good enough to fill the opening, the company is free to draft a worker from abroad.

Post-graduation Work Permit – An Intro

It’s a permit tailor-made for the students who have successfully completed a graduation course in the overseas hotspot. Like all Open Work Permits, it allows the graduate permit holders to do a job either full time, part time, or be self-employed.

Candidates may get just 1 Post-graduation Work Permit through their life span. With a view to get a Post-graduation Work Permit, it’s compulsory that the applicant either has a legally valid temporary standing or have left the Maple Leaf Country. It’s also mandatory that he has done graduation from an entitled designated learning institution (DLI).

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