One of the most compelling reasons for Indian students to seek higher education in the UK is the Inexpensive Education Cost and the option to work while studying.

Top 5 reasons why the UK is the perfect overseas study spot for Indian students

The UK is one of the top overseas destinations regarding the overall quality of education in some world-class universities. A rich and diverse learning experience is imparted through their sturdy academic curriculum.

Students who graduate from these UK universities have their degrees with them and get a taste and exposure to students from all around the world, making it a hub of learning and establishing global connections for many Indian students.

Each year, many Indian students plan to secure overseas education among a plethora of universities and institutions to choose from. Coming to the correct and apt decision can be the ultimate tricky part of this process.

Due to this, these potential students must evaluate some significant parameters based upon which they can zero down on the best course, institution, and destination for them in the future. One of the potential runners has been the UK, a highly regarded and popular overseas study destination for Indian students.

There has been a steady surge in Indian students who have traveled to the UK to take university courses in the past couple of years. An education based in the UK adds to the resume of the student. A significant factor of attraction for Indian students to swarm to the UK is their rich legacy and place in the global socio-economic setting.

Here are the top 5 reasons which make the UK a top study destination choice for Indian scholars:

1. Credibility

As per the QS Global Rankings 2023, the UK is home to 4 of the top 10 institutes on a global level and 81 of the top 1,000, as 83 per cent of foreign graduates from the UK believe that their degree helped them secure a job.

2. The Factor of Employment

The launch of the Graduate Route policy in July of the previous year by the UK has helped gain the UK a name among Indian students, which permits UK overseas graduates to stay back post their degree completion and seek a job spanning two years. As per QS Graduate Employability Rankings, UK graduates are the most employable at a world level.

3. Policy as well as Suitability

Recently India and UK signed an agreement on mutual recognition of academic qualifications that shall further boost the job possibilities for Indian students when they return. The government of India shall even permit students holding UK qualifications to participate in lateral entry schemes for hiring applicants for senior positions.

4. The Index of Living

The sizeable Indian populace in the UK creates a good relationship between both nations; for example, many Indian cuisines are available in the UK, making you feel not far from home. Not to forget all the Indian festivals being celebrated with equal zeal.

5. Inexpensive Education Cost

The UK provides education at a reasonable average cost compared to other renowned studies abroad places, with one-year master’s programs being light on the pocket. Many scholarships are also offered to Indian students by UK colleges, such as British Council Women in STEM scholarships, the Charles Wallace India Trust scholarships, GREAT scholarships, and Chevening Scholarships.

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