UK Self-Sponsorship Visa

UK Self-Sponsorship Visa- A Perfect Route to Gain Permanent Residency in Britain

Businesses planning an expansion to the United Kingdom do not have many options, and even the available ones have drawbacks. With the UK closing the Tier 1 Investor Visa Route, potential business immigrants are only left with two visa streams- the UK Sole Representative Visa and Innovator Visa.

Many businesses find applying for the Sole Representative Visa challenging, whereas the Innovator Visa is for those with innovative business ideas. These limitations prevent small companies from applying for UK business visas. So, which business pathway should one apply for? The answer is pretty simple- the UK self-sponsorship visa.

The UK self-sponsored visa is a new way to gain access to the developed UK SME market and eventually secure citizenship for business owners who otherwise do not qualify for other UK business visa pathways. The business pathway will enable Indian entrepreneurs to expand their business operations into the UK. Small business owners can establish a new or purchase an existing business in the UK without sponsorship. The Self-sponsored visa pathway leads to permanent residency in the UK for the applicant and their dependents.

The UK Self-Sponsored Visa- Who Needs It?

The visa pathway is for successful and experienced business persons who have identified their business potential in the UK. The visa also opens opportunities for individuals with promising and unique business ideas.

The self-sponsored visa is for those who:

  • Wish to buy a business in the UK
  • Want to manage, maintain, or lead a business in the UK?
  • Want to enjoy the freedom of travel without fear of losing the visa status


Who is eligible for the UK self-sponsored visa?

One can apply for a UK self-sponsored visa after meeting the following conditions:

  • Demonstrate genuine intention to run a valid business in the UK
  • Have considerable experience in the business domain you intend to operate
  • Be proficient in the English language up to a level (B1) determined by the UK government
  • Must have a solid business idea or have identified an existing UK business to take over.
  • Have sufficient funds and resources to carry out the proposed business activities
  • Have selected a person already residing in the UK to work as an authorized officer


Please note- There is no minimum or maximum investment for the self-sponsorship route. However, it would help if you had at least £25000 or more..

What is the process of applying for the self-sponsorship route?

Applying for the UK self-sponsorship visa is a three-stage process:

First– Establish a business in the UK, and apply for a sponsor license. You need this license for your company to sponsor you as a skilled worker.

Indians are allowed to set up their businesses in the UK under the guidance and supervision of a registered UK accountant. The processing time for this step is approximately six to eight weeks.

Second- The next step is to apply for a Skilled Worker sponsor license from the UK Home Office. While doing so, please ensure that your company follows the policy and procedures to sponsor you as a skilled worker. The processing time for this step is approximately two days.

Third- Once you get the sponsorship license for the UK, apply for a Defined Certificate of Sponsorship. This process takes around 4 to 12 weeks.

What is the cost of a skilled worker visa?

The cost of a skilled worker visa could range from £464 to £1408. Additional fees also apply, including the Immigration Health Surcharge, which is currently £624 per year for adults and £470 per year for child dependents.

How can Abhinav Immigration Services be your guiding partner for securing Self Sponsorship?

 With Abhinav, you get the following range of services:

  • Expert advice in business plan preparation
  • Guidance on opening a business bank account
  • Comprehensive advice on the company sponsor license process
  • Skilled worker application submission


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