Canada Immigration v/s Australia Immigration

What are the pros and cons of Canada versus Australia?

In recent years, both Canada and Australia have emerged as the most popular immigration destination among high-skilled foreign workers seeking a better quality of life. Both countries have their pros and cons. Whether you choose to migrate to Canada or Australia, one thing is common- they both offer superb quality of life, world-class education, relevant job opportunities, and good law and order.


  • Australia and Canada are the two largest countries in the world. Both Canadians and Aussies are super lovely and friendly people than the people in the U.K. and the U.S.
  • If you want to live in medium-sized or low populated areas, then Canada and Australia can offer you the same.
  • Language isn’t a barrier to success in any of these countries. Both Canada and Australia are English speaking nations and follow standard language procedures to select immigration candidates. Not to forget, the Queen of England is still their monarch.
  • When it comes to tech jobs, no country can beat Australia and Canada. Canada’s proximity to the U.S. is yet another reason why people immigrate to Canada. On the other hand, foreign skilled workers who successfully get their Australia visa get to witness an unbeatable I.T. sector and is predicted to grow even further in the coming years- from digital health to cybersecurity and education technology.
  • Canada and Australia are amongst the most ethically-diverse countries in the world. Multi-culturalism acts as a useful tool to boost their competitiveness in globalization, immigration, economic growth, and socioeconomic mobility for individuals. Both countries welcome immigrants and are extensively dependent on foreign workers to improve their economies and cultural diversity.



  • The cost of living in Down Under after immigration Australia is expensive as compared to Canada. In recent years, Sydney is named the most expensive city to live in. Food, clothes, accommodation, and education are quite costly. So, you’ll save more money if you live in Canada.
  • It’s cheaper to travel to Europe from Canada than Australia. And traveling to the U.S. is convenient and affordable from Canada.


Australia is known for its unique fauna, and the weather is excellent almost every time of the year. Canada, on the other hand, is a cold country. So, if you hate winters, then Canada might not be the right choice for you. Australia has a mostly Mediterranean climate, which never gets too cold and never gets too hot.

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