What it’s like to be working as an Accountant in Australia

Whether you’re a recent Commerce graduate seeking a strong career start or an experienced Accountant looking for better opportunities abroad, moving to Australia is an option you can definitely consider for a rewarding future. With a robust finance industry, providing jobs to over 45000 people, Australia is an appealing destination for ambitious accountants and finance professionals who want to relocate to another country for promising career prospects. Though, Australia immigration requires a lot of thought and preparation, but with the presence of numerous permanent residency visas, migrating to Australia can be a seamless experience.

Currently, there is a huge demand for accounting professionals (ANZCSO-2211) in Australia. Employment as well as salary prospects are also quite high for this occupation, but professionals who are well-qualified in Data Collection and Analysis have bigger opportunities and have huge growth potential than those who don’t have these skills.

The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, which independently carries out research on skills shortages across Australia constantly highlights the shortage of Accountants in the Australian labor market- at both state and territorial level. Almost every year, the occupation is featured on both Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), which is why Australia immigration for Chartered Accountants has seen a surge in the recent years.

There are many jobs available within this domain, however in order to find a job in Australia you must have some relevant experience, good English skills, and score a minimum of 65 points, on the Migration Points System.

Average Salary Pay of an Accountant in Australia

For entry level Australia chartered accountants having less than one year of experience, an average annual salary pay range is AU$47,021, including tips, bonus, and overtime pay. However, for a mid-level accountant with 1-4 years of relevant experience, an average salary pay could be AU$54,072. A seasoned accountant with 5-9 years of experience can expect an average annual compensation of AU$66,760. For more than 10 years of experience, the salary ranges up to AU$76,684.

What skills should you have to grab Accountant jobs in Australia?

In order to work as an accountant in Australia, you need to adaptable, competitive, committed, hard-working, and have an attention-to-detail. You must also demonstrate strong technical skills to work around various accounting software. Technical skills will also help you provide feasible solutions to reporting, recording or financial outcomes. Accountants must be willing to work under high-pressure situations and apply relevant legislation and standards while performing any task. Since accountants have to work with a broad range people, clients, and stakeholders, it’s important for them to display strong communication, problem-solving, and organization skills.

Job Duties Performed by Accountants in Australia:

  • Examine and evaluate the income, expenses and gains of the organization.
  • Create and maintain budgets and prepare financial statements for presentations to senior management.
  • Create accounting policies in consultation with senior stakeholders and in alignment with regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare reports that comply with both business and regulatory requirements.
  • Perform internal and external audits, conduct financial investigations, prepare reports, and come out with effective solutions to manage insolvency.
  • Establishing bank accounts, funds and trusts.
  • Manage cash flow and provide financial and taxation advice.
  • Manage investment projects.

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