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Get to know ins and outs of Australia Immigration as Auditor.

People who think of Australian immigration, look out for the jobs available for them in Australia that would offer them flourishing lifestyle. In this scenario, migrating as an auditor is quite a fruitful opportunity. The Occupation code for Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers is 2212 and having this code means that the occupation is in demand. The key factors that play a role while opting for a job are the salary structure, qualifications required, duties and obligations and lastly how satisfied a person can be with a particular job. We shall now look at these factors thoroughly –

Salary of an Auditor in Australia

The average salary of an auditor in Australia is AU$ 55,857, which is equivalent to approximately 27 lacs for an Indian. This salary can range from AU$ 43,000 to AU$ 89,000 which would be determined by the level of qualification and the company you are working with, as well as your city. The salary will also differ upon the level of experience. An entry level auditor will earn AU$ 49,996 on an average, while the experience of one to four years will earn an average total compensation of AU$ 54,663.

Undoubtedly, an auditor earns fairly well in Australia and can lead a very comfortable life there, going by the average expenses of a family in Australia. Also, as long as there are businesses and they are expanding, the jobs for auditors will keep on growing. This make it a stable career option as well.

Job Duties of an Auditor in Australia

In laymen’s terms, the basic responsibility of an auditor is to check the accuracy of the business records. He has to verify the business records, and thereby holds a responsible position in the company. He ought to have the virtue of honesty to justify his job. Usually, an auditor has to take care of the business records but it could be municipal records or any other type of financial records.

An auditor can work individually, in a team within a company or government and he can also operate as a self-employed individual. He has to confirm the records, ensuring that there is sufficient and competent material to prove his grounds. Though they are expected to work during the business hours, but they may have to extend the work depending upon the client’s deadlines and the load of work. Therefore, this can be a demanding job at times.

Eligibility criteria to become an Auditor in Australia

If you are an immigrant in Australia, or you are planning to be one as an auditor there, it becomes imperative to understand the qualifications required. You ought to have a bachelor’s degree in accounting to be an auditor, and if have pursued a Master degree in accounting, then it makes you additionally potent candidate for the job. Those who have both the qualification, also quality to do CPA, which may be an employer’s requirement in some of the cases.

Apart from the educational qualifications, an auditor is expected to possess some personality traits like good communication skills, problem solving attitude, self-motivated and determined nature. They must also be patient and enduring as they may have to work for extended hours dealing with lots of data to verify the accuracy of the records.

Satisfactory levels of auditors in Australia

As per the respondents from some of the top companies like Ernst and Young (E&Y), Crowe Horwath LLP, Deloitte and KPMG among others, auditors have expressed highest levels of satisfaction in Australia. They do have a challenging job, but the work environment and the facilities gives a happy atmosphere to work so that it does not become depressing and exhausting.

Further, being an auditor gives you the opportunity to grow as a self-employed or within an organization. As you gain experience, you climb up the ladder of seniority with better pay and perks. You learn and become more dynamic with your skills and therefore, you get exposed to vast avenues of opportunities in Australia.

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