Projections – New Subclass 491 Visa for Regional Migration

The Australia immigration system is undergoing a major transformation, to make the process of relocating to Australia more swift and accessible for all hopefuls. The highlight of this revamp is the introduction of two new Skilled Regional visas, designed to promote regional migrate to Australia. Most notably, the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 491) is set to replace the first provisional stream of the Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489).

Regional Australia faces several labor shortages that cannot be filled by domestic workers. Thus, migrants are required to occupy these vacancies and contribute to the local economy. The Subclass 491 will allow foreign skilled workers to live in Australia on a temporary basis, and eventually become eligible to apply for permanent residence. This visa will be open to applications starting 16th November 2019, and is expected to offer a broad range of benefits to immigration aspirants:

Priority processing – Australia pr visa applications for regional migration are processed on a priority basis by the Department of Home Affairs. This would imply a shorter waiting period between visa application and approval.

Incentives – The Australian government will encourage migrants to continue living in regional areas for the long-term, through community participation and by building networks within the workforce.

Permanent Residence – The Subclass 191 Visa, which commences 16th November 2022 onwards, will allow eligible Subclass 491 visa holders to apply for permanent residence in Australia without having to pass a second nomination stage.

Revised Point System – Similar to its predecessor, the Subclass 491 visa will be a points-tested visa. Applicants can look forward to the modified Australia points calculator for the new visa, which increases the scope for claiming more points. This is a very significant advantage to demonstrate eligibility.

Broader Skilled Occupation List – A greater number of skilled workers can be considered for regional visas, since regional areas face skills shortages in a more diversified range of occupations than the rest of Australia. Certain occupations that are ineligible for non-regional visas, may be eligible for regional visas.

Classification of regional areas – The regional areas will be categorized in a more expanded and consistent format, to improve accessibility for visa applicants.

The highly-anticipated Subclass 491 visa is designed to channel overseas talent into Australia’s well-developed regional areas, which are the perfect amalgam of small-town charm and urban work culture. To find out how to leverage this pathway to fulfil your immigration goals, our team of experts is eager to answer every query and ensure that you follow a well-guided route towards a bright future in Australia.

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