What Sales Representatives are coveted via Express Entry?

2019 is perhaps the best time for anyone looking for immigration pathways to Canada, and the express entry stream proving to be one of the easiest and quickest ways for talented international workforce to immigrate to Canada, is a boon to millions worldwide. With Canada opening up its arms to millions of aspiring skilled workers, you can expect the economic expansion caters to excellent opportunities to work in Canada.

Speaking about occupations, we would like to talk about the employment options in Sales which is listed among the many jobs that have a strong career path in Canada.

A professional Sales Representative is an in-demand and most hyped occupation in the Canadian occupations list. The profile is most sought after that, a Sales Representative is an inevitable component to make a business successful. The National Occupational Classification Codes has enlisted more than 8,500 vacancies including B2C and B2B roles on Job Bank.

Average Salary of a Sales Representative in Canada in 2019

Salaries and daily wages of a Sales Representative varies from profile to profile due to the uniqueness of the position. In our study of an average Sales Representative, there is base salary which is heavily incentive plus commissions (depending on the contract in between the employee and employer).

Freshers start with an annual package of $50,000 for general positions, with pharmaceutical industries offering $65,000. The maximum base salary that you’ll get is generally in between $80,000 and $90,000, with the best packages in pharmaceutical industries, at $118,000.

What Does a Sales Representative Do?

Depending on the diversity and seniority of the job profile, a Sales Representative is entangled in the business from inception till closure of the of business development case. A top-level candidate in this role is responsible to bring in new business, build clientele, sourcing contact, signifying the profits of the sale, negotiating terms and preparing contracts. Once the sales are done, they remain the primary point of contact for the client within the company.

Qualifications of a Sales Representative

Higher the Salary, comes with higher the Education, but for landing a JOB under this profile doesn’t necessarily require a degree. This job profile is open to high school graduates (for minimalist sales profile with lower wages), but a profession for technical roles in industries such as pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial equipment and computer equipment, requires degree. These specialized jobs yield higher salaries with increased commission.

Canada’s Specific Requirements for immigration

There is no such thing as a Canada-specific requirement for Sales Representatives, given the diversity of the roles covered. As sales personnel requires to speak a lot, an exceptional ability in one of both of Canada’s official languages is a must.

National Occupational Classification Codes

These are the NOC codes for some of the most sought-after Sales Representative profile for Canada.

NOC Code Job Description NOC
6211 Retail sales supervisors B
6221 Technical sales specialist – wholesale trade B
6222 Retail and Wholesale buyers B
6231 Insurance agents and brokers B
6232 Real estate agents and salespersons B
6235 Financial sales representative B

How to increase your chance of moving to Canada as a Sale Representative

If you’re a professional in a sales representative profile, you should focus on raising your overall CRS points in the Express entry pool, by doing this you’ll have a better chance of getting an invite. “There are plenty of big fishes in the sea, you just have to row your boat to the direction of the fishes”, i.e. by conducting a comprehensive job search for e.g. by harnessing the power of LinkedIn, you can grasp a Canadian employer’s interest in you for a successful nomination for Canada PR.

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