Indian diaspora

Indian diaspora is the largest in world at 17.5 million – UN

The new Statistics by UN unfold with phenomenal assertion – India becomes No. 1 country of origin with largest international migrants (i.e. 17.5 million) in the year of 2019. According to them, the total number of migrants globally touchdown an estimate of 272 million.

As the list goes on, we can observe the other countries who fall behind Indians are the migrants from Mexico – second largest diaspora (11.8 million), then China (10.7 million), Russia (10.5 million), Syria (8.2 million), Bangladesh (7.8 million), Pakistan (6.3 million), Ukraine (5.9 million), the Philippines (5.4 million) and Afghanistan (5.1 million).

In the year of 2019, Europe is the leading continent to host the largest number of international migrants (82 million), coming close is Northern America (59 million) with Northern Africa and Western Asia (49 million). And, throughout all the statistics Indians are emerging as the unstoppable force in the arena of International migration. This also signifies the acceptance of all the developed nations towards Indians and their knowledge and talent they bring in.

This is a high time of Immigration for Indians who are socially accepted everywhere. And, they can churn out from this massive opportunity by applying for various immigration pathways according to the preference such as (Canada Express Entry, Australia Permanent Resident Visa, US Green Card, UK Visa, Europe Business Visa etc.)

All the candidates can mark their eligibility by meeting certain criteria of Age, Education, Experience, Language proficiency and Adaptability factors. Upon scoring high in the eligibility requirements, one can find the suitable Immigration pathway to their favorite destination.

As the international migrants are swarming increasingly with every year, the role of migrants and migration is essential in the development of both countries of origin and destination. Every developed nation understands the significance of immigration for recruiting the skilled and talented people into their country for drive the economic boom. This is the opportunity of a lifetime for all the immigration aspirants looking to migrate to their favorite destination.

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