Work Permit Obsession turned to Permanent Residency

Ten years back when Ankit Sharma (name changed) moved to the United States, he had dreams of a promising career in the IT industry. Being a Software Engineer for a renowned technology consulting firm, he went to the USA after being granted the most coveted H1B visa to work on an onsite project.

However, with years spending in the US and earning a pretty decent life, he started thinking of permanent residency in the country. But the dream seems to collapse, when he got stuck in daunting visa extensions processes, where he was forced to reassess his entire career, and had to repeatedly explain how he is an alien of an extraordinary ability, and how badly he wanted to stay in the United States. With a heavy heart, in early August, he moved back to India without knowing where to head next.

This is not a single story, Ankit Sharma represents those thousands of highly talented and ambitious professionals who migrated to abroad on a work permit for a better future, but found themselves at the verge abandoning their American dream.

With growing anti-immigration stances by the Trump administration, obtaining a Green Card, which earlier seemed within reach, looks like a distant dream now. Indian techies like Sharma, who were lucky enough to grab an awarding job in the US, are now compelled to leave the US, a country which instilled in them a hope for a life they have dreamt of.

Why this Obsession over Work Permits?

This is the exact nature of work permit- unpredictable and unsettled. No matter, which country you are currently living in, if you are on a temporary work permit, you never know when you’ll be asked to pack your bags and leave the country as soon as possible.

For many immigration aspirants, the whole idea of a work permit can sound very interesting. And there are reasons for that. There is less paper work involved and the processing times are generally faster as compared to a full application for permanent residency. Having said that, you can migrate to your chosen destination in no time.

No matter, how much the concept of work permit appeals to your senses- whether it’s US, Canada, Australia, etc. One must understand that work permits are generally rigid in nature, and they clearly do not offer you the golden ticket to a life in U.S or Canada, or any other country for that matter. As long as you are on a work permit, you’ll never be able to explore other opportunities and leverage social benefits that the country extends to its citizens or residents.

So, what does this actually mean to you? Work permit visa holders are only allowed to work for an employer whose name is mentioned on the visa application. This clearly means, you cannot think of switching your job until the employer no longer requires your expertise or your work permit expires. In case, where the employer is not willing to continue with your services, what would you do? Well, you’d have to search for a new job and once you have it, reapply for a new work permit. Doesn’t it look daunting to you? In our opinion, it does.

As a leading immigration consultancy firm with over 25 years of experience, we hear so many horrific stories, where immigrants with temporary work permits, often get fired from their jobs or feel stranded when their employer no longer needs their services. The moment their work permit expires, they immediately lose their immigrant status in the country as well as any chance of gaining a valid employment.

If not work permit, then what- obviously, it’s permanent residency!

 No amount of work permits or visa pathways can replace the benefits provided by permanent residency. Being a Canadian resident or an Australia, means you have the full right to where to live and work in the country. You enjoy the complete freedom to be what you want to be- whether it’s engineer, doctor, teacher, lawyer, or even a scientist. No one can force you to search for a job or prove your worth again and again to get a work permit. Not only this, your family members also enjoy the privilege of being with you wherever you are without any restrictions. You can get your children admitted to reputed schools/colleges, avail for medical facilities, social-security benefits, and feel free to travel anywhere.

Considering the above-mentioned benefits, one can notice how the benefits provided by the permanent residency surpasses the ones offered by the work permit. You would definitely don’t want to work in a foreign land (in wages lesser than their citizens or residents), pay them taxes, and contribute to their economy, only to live in a fear of being sent back to your home country anytime. This is so not fair.

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For the aforementioned reasons, we highly recommend our clients to go for a permanent residency rather than work permits. With permanent residency, you can secure a better quality of life for yourself and family, you can promise your children a world-class education, opt for any profession you like, and last but not the least- no one can take away your rights to gain a legitimate, long-term employment in Canada.

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