Industrial Mechanical & Production Engineer covet in Australia

If there is any profession that experienced a spike in demand, you cannot oversee how the demand for Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers. These architects of tomorrow have the baton leading to the development of Australia, which is why the Australian government is open to granting Australia PR visa to skilled and talented Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineering professionals

Their main role is to design, organise and oversee the construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical and process plant and installations, establish programs for the coordination of manufacturing activities, and make sure about the utilization of resources is cost effective.

The weekly pay for Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers totals to $2,414, which comes under the category of very high skills in the Australian local market. Some of the tasks that are assigned to Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers for Australia immigration are as follows:

  • Studying functional statements, organisational charts and project information to ascertain functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to categorize areas of duplication.
  • Creating work measurement programs and assessing work samples to develop standards for utilisation of labour in an efficient manner.
  • They are involved in making of mechanical equipment, machines, and components, products for manufacture, and plant and systems for construction.
  • Working with standards and policies for installation, modification, quality control, testing, inspection and maintenance according to engineering principles and safety regulations.
  • They are involved in inspecting plant to make sure that maximum performance is maintained
  • Also, they help in guidance of plant buildings and equipment, and coordinating the requirements for new designs, surveys and maintenance schedules.

Salaries of Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers are as follows:


An average salary beginning with an industrial engineer is AUD$67,108 with a bonus of AUD$3,637, commission up to AUD$2,230, along with profit sharing that may go up to AUD$2,906.


Mechanical Engineers in Australia have an Average salary of AUD$70,507, with bonus amounting to $3,036, commission totalling to $7,910 and profit sharing coming to $2,433.


For a production engineer the average salary surges up to AU$79,715, with bonus that may go up to AU$4,905, commission can be earned till AU$11,792 and profit sharing up to AU$2,948.

Mechanical engineers in Australia provide their engineering services to the mining, manufacturing, and construction and transport sectors across all metropolitan and regional areas of Australia.  The metropolitan areas of Australia have managed to employ 1.7 suitable applicants to their vacancies along with filling 67 percent of their roles with skilled mechanical engineers.

Many of these employers required the suitable applicants to have tertiary qualifications in mechanical engineering, and what is best that almost 96 percent hold the appropriate qualifications.

Experience and relevant skills are some of the primary parameters to be selected for this field that is currently in high demand for Australia, which is why having the trusted guidance of Immigration Consultants for Australia is must.

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