Gain Canadian experience as accountants and auditors

Get lifetime experience as accountants and auditors in Canada.

Among the many jobs that people want to be a part of as an immigrant in Canada, one of them is that of Financial Auditors and Accountants (NOC 1111). People who are looking for Canada immigration must understand that the job titles under this NOC would include Accountant, Auditor- Finance, Auditors Supervisors, certified General Accountant (CGA), income tax expert, industrial accountant, tax specialist and many others. Not only these jobs are well-paid, but also are considered as important positions, responsible for maintaining healthy fiscal conditions and financial accountability. The major aspects of these jobs are –

Pay Scale

As earlier stated, these jobs are lucrative because of their essential and responsible nature. The average wages of an accountant may vary from province to province. It can be CAD 19.50 per hour at the lower end and can go as high as CAD 57.60 on an hourly basis. On an average an accountant can earn anything between CAD 37,000 to CAD 79,000 yearly.

Apart from the fixed yearly wages, if you migrate to Canada under this NOC, you may also be entitled for various other benefits. This may include dental insurance, supplement medical insurance, pension plan for retirement, bonuses, stock options and other incentives.

Primary Job Duties

The job titles under this NOC are expected to manage, examine or analyze ledgers, financial statements, inventories, tax returns, income, expenditures, business or other establishments to ensure that they are risk proof and compliant with various accounting standards, procedures and internal controls.

Auditors are responsible to conduct field audits of businesses to ensure compliance with provisions of the Income Tax Act, Canadian Business Corporation Act or other statutory requirements as may be necessary. They are expected to prepare comprehensive reports on audit findings and suggest on the discrepancies, if any and giving recommendations for improving the individual/establishment’s accounting and management practices.

How to qualify for NOC 1111

To become an accountant or an auditor in Canada as an immigrant, you need to have the required professional degree. You should have the Chartered Accountant (CA) or similar (CPA, CMA, CGA) qualification to become eligible to apply under this occupation. A Master’s Level qualification (for example, MBA in Finance or Master in Finance) may also suffice for some jobs.

The individual is expected to showcase strong hold of mathematics and must have the analytical capabilities to judge the financial figures on a daily basis. This can be reflected through the qualification as well as in personality at the time of interview. The knowledge of statistics, arithmetic and algebra is also required and the ability to use computers is also essential to be able to operate various financial software programs that may be used by your firm.

Job Satisfaction

Canada has plentiful opportunities for skilled accountants and auditors, because almost every business has financial components to be handled diligently by an experts. Owing to their need in Canada, it makes a good immigration prospect for the accountants and auditors. The accounting firms are believed to have the best work-life balance.

The top respondents working as accountants or auditors in Glencore Ltd., Texas A&M University and Touro Infirmary have shown highest level of satisfaction with their work culture and environment. Undoubtedly, Canada is a country where the working conditions of employees and their work-life balance is taken care of. Also, the accounting and auditing industry gives the opportunity to grow with experience, making it a dynamic sector for employees. Therefore, get started to apply for Canada PR Visa now and opt for the best of life as an employee in Canada.

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