Sudbury to accept Canada PR visa applications under RNIP!!

Launched in January 2019, the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RINP) is more of a community driven program that has been created with an intention to assimilate skilled workers to the rural communities of the country.  One such community, is Sudbury located in the Canadian province of Ontario, falling under the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot that has opened its doors for skilled overseas workers who are applying for Canada PR visa applicants from April 22nd, 2020.

Being a delightful combination of natural assets and urban amenities the city of Greater Sudbury is also popularly known as “peoples place” as it welcomes immigrants who are skilled and talented overseas workers belonging from diverse cultural backgrounds.

One of the best aspects about moving to Sudbury is the affordable lifestyle as well as lower cost of housing, which makes it an excellent choice for overseas skilled workers who wish to live and work in Canada. And, what is more amazing is that it offers you with lowest taxes all within the heart of Ontario, making it an ideal place to settle for the longer haul.

Centrally situated in North-eastern Ontario, Greater Sudbury is not only a multicultural and truly bilingual community along with being a world class mining centre, with employment going up to approximately 6,000 people, along with providing assistance to     300-company mining supply and service sector cluster that further goes on to hire an additional 10,000 skilled and talented workers.

The beautiful Canadian city is a hub for eclectic cultural and educational experiences, for entertainment, for shopping as well as a great place to invest and conduct any business activity if you are planning to invest here. Once you land here, the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration gives you access to guideline ensuring you have all you require once you arrive to Canada.

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