Accountants and electronic engineer are eligible for Australia PR

Accountant & Electronics Engineer, Australia PR Eligibility

Australia is a preferred immigration destination for skilled professionals. Popular the world over as SkillSelect, General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program facilitates the entry of skilled migrants to the country on the basis of certain pre-defined parameters, including age and professional skills.

DIBP has a minimum qualifying requirement, in terms of points garnered on the basis of these pre-defined parameters even as one has to get it to get an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Australia immigration. While earlier it was 60, thanks to the increasing number of candidates and the ballooning competition, now it has been raised to 65 points. However, if you manage to get the minimum points, it won’t automatically result in an ITA. Pragmatically, you need to get not less than 70 to 75 points to pocket an ITA to apply for a Skilled Independent 189 Visa.

Besides getting the minimum points, you also require ensuring that your profession is in demand and it finds mention on the relevant Skilled Occupation List. While Australia Department of Immigration and Border protection use the SOL to facilitate the entry of skilled workers on the federal level, it uses the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) for the object of offering nomination from one of its many State or Territory Governments. To qualify for skilled migration to Australia, you must nominate an occupation from the SOL. And to qualify for skilled migration to any of the states or territories you require nominating an occupation from the CSOL.

Every profession listed on the latest SOL is from the Australia and New Zealand Skilled Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) as against the earlier employed Australian Skilled Classification of Occupations (ASCO).

Significantly, SkillSelect first allocates obtainable spots to Skilled – Independent visas subclass 189, and afterward the rest to Skilled – Regional (Provisional) visas subclass 489. In case every spot is taken up by the subcategory 189 visas, then no invitations will be proffered for the subcategory 489 visas in these professions.

Professionals from Popular Occupations Require Pocketing More Points

The competition hits the roof if your profession is a popular one. In such a case, you have to get more points to stay in the hunt and get an ITA under Skill select program.

For example, as per the latest information, while the latest minimum points score required for Accountants, Code 2211, is 85; for Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers, Code 2212, it is 80. Similarly, for Electronics Engineer, Code 2334, the minimum points score required is 75; for Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers, Code 2335, it is 75.

In a similar manner, for the Other Engineering Professionals, Code 2339, the minimum points score required is 75; for ICT Business and System Analysts, Code 2611, it is 75 points. Likewise, for Software and Applications Programmers, Code 2613, the minimum points score required is 75; for Computer Network Professionals, Code 2631, it is 75.

Much like the preceding months, those in the more sought after positions of accounting, engineering, and computing-associated roles, required the highest figure of points with accountants leading the charts during March with a minimum points score of 85 points score is mandatory.

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