Saskatchewan updates Occupation list for 2019

Now professionals like computer programs and interactive media developers aspiring for Saskatchewan PNP have more reasons to jump in joy. Wish to know why? well, the province of Saskatchewan has announced recent changes to its in-demand occupation list. Around 24 new professions have been added to the list, so, those wishing to apply for SINP occupations in-demand or SINP Express Entry must pay close attention to the updates to ensure their occupation is still on the list. 

It’s important for prospective SINP candidates have work experience in any of the listed occupations. However, having a valid job offer isn’t necessary under the same. The SINP In-Demand list of occupations aim to attract international skilled workers via Canada Express Entry or Occupations in-demand list.

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Key Features of the Latest In-demand Occupation List?

  • According to the updated occupation list as of April 4, 2019, out of 24 new occupations which are now added to the list, 9 occupations have been removed.

  • Candidates applying under nine new occupations do not need to obtain any professional license, whereas all nine occupations that are recently added have specific educational requirements to be fulfilled by immigration aspirants.

  • The candidates waiting in the Express Entry Pool with skills and work experience in these occupations will be issued a certificate of nomination to apply for a permanent residence under SINP.

What Occupations are Added?

NOC Occupation Title
423 Managers in Social Services and Community Services
1226 Conference and Event Planners
1311 Accounting Technicians
2174 Computer Programmers and Interactive Media Developers
2251 Architectural Technologists and Technicians
2255 Technical Occupations in Geomatics and Meteorology
3216 Medical Sonographers
4215 Instructors of Persons with Disabilities
5254 Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness
6332 Bakers
6342 Tailors, Dressmakers, Furriers and Milliners
7292 Glaziers
7332 Appliance Servicers and Repairers

Occupations that are Removed from the List

NOC Occupation Title
821 Managers in Agriculture
822 Managers in Horticulture
8252 Agricultural Service Contractors, Farm Supervisors and Specialized Livestock Workers
3111 Psychiatrists
7201 Contractors and Supervisors, Machining, Metal Forming, Shaping and Erecting Trades and Related Occupations
7204 Recreation Vehicle Service
7237 Welders
7311 Industrial Mechanics
7384 Recreation Vehicle Service

What is the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program?


The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is a highly sought-after Canada Provincial Nominee Program governed by the province of Saskatchewan. The primary objective of this program is to select highly-skilled immigrants who can meet their economy as well as demographic needs. Interested candidates can apply for SINP through any of the following visa streams or categories:

  • Saskatchewan Express Entry: The stream is suitable for applicants whose profiles are active in Express Entry pool for Canada immigration. The stream requires the candidate to have experience in any occupation listed on the in-demand list.

  • Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand: It is one of the international skilled-worker streams which do not require candidates to create an Express Entry profile. This stream is a great option for applicants who do not qualify for the Express Entry, however, having work experience in one of Saskatchewan’s in-demand occupations is still necessary.

Successful candidates are issued a Certificate of Nomination by the province of Saskatchewan. After this, they can go ahead to submit a complete application to acquire the permanent resident status in Canada within the designated timeframe.

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