Australian jobs for Electronics Engineer (ANZCSO 2334)

Jobs for Electrical Engineers are among the high-end jobs that are in demand in Australia. Due to the exceptional skills that are required for this job as well as the shortage of engineers in Australia, this is also one of the most sought after job for Australia Immigration. The pay scale, job duties, work conditions and the satisfaction of employees remain the key highlights while looking for a job. Therefore, go ahead and look out for these factors, if you planning to apply for Australia PR Visa as an electronics engineer.

Salary of an Electrical Engineer in Australia

The salary of electrical engineers in Australia is close to AU$ 78,000 on an average. As per Indian currency, this salary would range from 25 lacs being the lowest and 60 lacs on the higher end. Electronics Engineers in Australia are well-paid and they can lead a very convenient and comfortable life after they migrate to Australia, with a job in hand.

Like in most of the fields, here too, an electrical engineer can grow with experience and expertise. An entry level engineer in Australia would be able to make AU$ 55,000 a year, however with experience the salary can go up to AU$ 170,000 which is definitely quite a handsome amount to enjoy an abundant and fulfilling life.

Job Duties of an Electronics Engineer

An Electrical Engineer is involved with planning, designing and developing electronic equipment. They determine the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines etc. They may be developing products like electric motors, components or appliances. The main area of focus is the generation of power to the device or product and bring it to use. These devices can be anything that runs on electricity.

The nature of the job is challenging and they work as teams to resolve the complex issues they deal with on an everyday basis. There are a group of engineers specialized in different field working on one project to bring out the solution to an electronic product. As you grow as an electrical engineer after you have achieved Australian permanent residency, you may also be responsible to supervise and train project staff, as and when required. You are also expected to be focused on recent developments, doing research and strive to innovate or improve the existing products using your creative abilities.

Requirements to become an Electronics Engineer in Australia

Owing to the exceptional knowledge required for this job, the candidate must have a degree pertaining to electrical engineering for Australian Immigration. A Bachelor’s degree is the least requirement for this job. Without this degree, it is unlikely for you to get a job as an electrical engineer. Some companies do require a Master Degree or Doctoral Degree for responsible positions. Firms may also require experienced engineers as per their necessities.

Apart from the mandatory educational requirements, the candidate must be a team player as he or she will often have to work in groups with people from various backgrounds. Second, you must be able to demonstrate the communication skills and should have the audacity to take directions and lead the work. Being an expert with Mathematics and Science goes without saying, if you are an electronics engineer. A problem solving attitude, creative thinking, computer operability and good oratory skills are some of the pre-requisites for this job.

Satisfaction level of Electronics Engineers in Australia

Across Australia, engineers have some of the highest paying jobs, and the wages are growing at a steady level. They have been working in huge government-funded projects, which has creating a demand as well surge in the salaries of the engineers. They are extremely satisfied with their remuneration and perks. In fact, engineers apply for Australia permanent residency because of the benefits they will enjoy as an engineer in Australia.

As the job of the nature is challenging and mind consuming, they do have to work rigorously at times. However, as Australia is a welcoming land and people have warmth for each other, migrants do not feel any unnecessary pressure or aloofness while working. They work together and come out with successful solutions together. There is harmony and mental peace while working as an electronics engineer in Australia.

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