Australian Permanent Residency- How Many Points You Need?

Australian Permanent Residency- How Many Points You Need?

The Australian immigration authorities follow a point-based system to invite the most eligible and qualified foreign workers for an Australia PR visa. Australia is the most popular immigration destination among immigration aspirants seeking a better life and employment opportunities abroad. A person needs to score at least 65 points to qualify for the immigration process. Remember that 65 is the minimum score; the higher you score, the higher the chances of receiving the invite for permanent residency—someone who scores between 80 and 85 and even above has better opportunities for an ITA.


Factors determining your eligibility points?


The 65 point factors includes a range of parameters, including:


Eligibility Criteria


Maximum Points Available


Age- 18-35

English Language Skills

Employment outside Australia

Employment in Australia

Educational Qualifications

Education in Australia

Niche Education Skills

Partner Skills













Please note that applicants 45 years or above are not eligible to apply under the SkillSelect program.


Can I do anything to improve my scores?


Yes, why not. You can always boost your scores and improve your chances of receiving an invitation to apply.


You can do the following to raise your points if you couldn’t make it to the first time:


  • Get a degree in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics)
  • Retake IELTS exam
  • Enhance your Partner Skills
  • Get Additional work experience
  • Apply for a state nomination/sponsorship
  • Study in regional Australia to obtain additional points


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How does your score impact your processing time?


You’d be surprised to know that your scores and waiting times are directly related to each other. The higher you score, the quicker you will receive the invitation.


For candidates scoring 80 points or above in the Australia points system, the processing time can be as low as one or two months. However, applicants with lower scores could have longer waiting times.


Which of the following subclasses are points-based?


  • Skilled Worker Regional Visa (Subclass 491)it’s a permanent residency visa that requires sponsorship by a relative living in a regional area or a state or territory government.
  • Skilled Nominated 190 visaallows nominated skilled workers by an Australian state or territory government live and work in Australia permanently. You must demonstrate work experience in an occupation on the 190 visa list.
  • Skilled Independent 189 visaas a permanent residency visa, the 189 visa permits skilled workers who do have any sponsorship by an employer apply for the PR visa.


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