british columbia new favourite immigration destinatin

British Columbia is new favourite immigration destination

With a population of over 4.6 million people, British Columbia (BC) is a prime destination for prospective immigrants seeking a fulfilling life abroad. BC offers advantageous career opportunities for skilled workers and businesspersons, a diverse economy, competitive wages, affordable high-quality healthcare and education systems, a safe working and living environment, and natural abundance. Canada immigration aspirants can thus access the myriad advantages of life as a permanent resident in BC.

Thriving Economy

BC has a burgeoning economy with a broad scope of opportunities in key industries – including manufacturing, forestry, construction, agriculture, and health – across the province.

Multi-Ethnic Society

Almost of the BC population (more than 1.3 million people) is comprised of immigrants – making it the most ethnically diverse province in Canada. Every year, around 400,000 new immigrants arrive in BC and are smoothly integrated into the province’s job market and local communities. Those who successfully qualify for a pathway under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program can become privileged members of this inclusive society.

Urban Metropolis

The city of Vancouver, which attracts large volumes of foreign nationals to BC, is one of the most multicultural commercial centres of Canada offering lucrative job opportunities. 42.5% of the city’s population is comprised of immigrants. The city also has a vibrant arts and culture scene, scenic beaches and mild climatic conditions. The city has a broad range of options for food, drink, sport and retail; and hosts several music festivals and popular cultural events. These factors justify why 80% of newcomers who immigrate to BC choose to live in Vancouver.

High standard of Living

Residents of the province can enjoy high average incomes (subject to skill level and job availability), affordable housing (depending on the area and earning capacity), premium healthcare services, well-connected public transport system, world-class education system, low crime rates, employment benefits and child care subsidies.

Streamlined Application Procedure

The British Columbia immigration process systematically targets skilled workers, entrepreneurs, investors and students who can potentially become assets to the province’s workforce and economy. The simple procedure requires an applicant to first secure a nomination from the province and then submit a visa application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Newcomer Services

Local organisations in British Columbia offer pre and post-arrival services to new entrants. These services provide guidance and support for job-seeking, language learning or assessment, finding accommodation, filling forms and applications, enrolling children in school, opening bank accounts, etc. BC is a dynamic and inviting province that provides fertile ground for new immigrants to firmly establish themselves – economically and culturally – in a conducive atmosphere. The ideal prospect of migrate to canada can be fully realised in the abundant province of British Columbia.

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