karan bilimoria chairs confideration of british industry

Karan Bilimoria to chair Confederation of British Industry

Latest news from UK, British Indian entrepreneur and peer Lord Karan Bilimoria is elected as the President of Confederation of British Industry that represents 190,000 businesses consisting of 1,500 direct members and 188,500 non-members (140 trade associations). Karan Bilimoria the founder of Cobra Beer was the frontrunner for the position and remain supporter and a campaigner for a second referendum.

Confederation of British Industry is responsible for promoting business interests by petitioning and recommending governments, liaising with other businesses both in UK and internationally through their operational offices in Beijing, Brussels, New Delhi and Washington, D.C. Lord Karan Bilimoria has vowed to play a crucial role in pushing the economy and British business in these challenging times.

The liquor baron was born in Hyderabad and later moved to London, UK where he qualified as a chartered accountant, received a diploma in accounting from the London Metropolitan University and completed LAW at Sidney Sussex College. After the studies, he ventured to importing goods from India and make profit out of it. While making profit, he founded Cobra Beer which maintained the ‘refreshing qualities’ of a Lager and ‘smoothness and drinkability’ of an Ale. After that, there was stopping for him and now he will be heading the CBI the coveted business organization of UK.

Once known as the British Empire where sun never sets, but now the Britain has opened doors for others and became a multicultural cradle.

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