Despite COVID 19, Canada welcoming overseas work nationals

Have a Canadian work permit? But worried on entry to Canada amidst the times of Corona. Be rest assured as even despite the travel ban measures by the Canadian government as measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus, overseas nationals will be allowed to enter in Canada. During the previous ban, only a number of people would not be permitted to travel to Canada, if their work permits for Canada Immigration were approved after March 18.

But presently, even if you are overseas work permit holder, you will be permitted to book that flight to Canada unless you not showing any symptoms for Corona virus. And if you are traveller who displays such symptoms you will allowed to enter the Canadian land, but you will be asked to self- isolate in order to prevent the spread of the virus among others. Which is exactly why work for home, is such a fantastic idea!

Along with there has been another modification to the process of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) for agriculture and food-processing employers. The required two week duration will be excused for the upcoming six months. Also, there will be a surge experienced in the maximum permitted employment for workers belonging to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program low-wage stream, right one to two years.

Also, when it comes to Canada PR process, the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not close or reject any application, that are in progress due to lack of documents. Also they will not refuse candidates who do not complete some of the steps necessary for Canada Immigration such as providing your biometrics or be it completing your medical exam.

Temporary residents will have the facility to apply for extending their visa, and will be permitted to live in the country, till a decision is taken on their application. If their earlier temporary residence status expires during the time of their stay, they will be permitted to reside in Canada but shall be on an “implied” status.

Also, travelling to a port of entry to directly apply to a border services officer will not be taken in to account as “essential travel”.

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