What are your fears while migrating to Canada?

The element of fear while doing anything new is quite justifiable and understandable. People often fear to try venture out something new which is a normal human trait.

How deep is the treasure, more is the adventure to seek.

This philosophy suits fit with every phase of our lives. When we set sail to the treacherous paths, it often leads to the beautiful destinations. Life is all about taking risks and majority of the people fail to do that. As a result, we tend to lose the opportunities that we regret at our later stage.

When it comes to migrating to a different country, again people have certain difficulties and experience built-in fear to venture out and move out of their homes. Let’s understand the different types of fear while migrating to Canada:

  • The greatest fear of applying for the Canada PR Visa is, whether am I going to get selected? Am I going to lose the money I invested for the Canada Immigration?
  • Whether I am going to get a job in Canada? How do I settle in Canada with my family?
  • How I am going to survive the initial stay in Canada?
  • Am I going to get the same type of job which I was doing in India?
  • How is the weather in Canada?

These aforementioned questions and concerns are quite genuine. An experienced Licensed Immigration Consultant who has the knowledge of Canada Immigration in-and-out, will be able to provide right answers.

How to identify the authenticity of an Immigration consultant:

  • Check whether they provide Licensed RCIC Agent Services. The mutual agreement must have the name and number of the RCIC agent.
  • The agreement must be legally made between the client and the Licensed Immigration agent (not with the company).
  • Form 5476E must be signed in favor of the claimed RCIC agent.
  • Beware of consultants assuring job assistance leading to a guaranteed PR visa and claiming 100% application success.


Check the below link, to understand the significance of Licensed Immigration Consultant and how to prevent Immigration fraud:

Licensed Immigration Consultant



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