Explaining the Impact of Coronavirus on Canada Immigration 2020

Like any other government in the world, Canadian Government has also taken preventive measures to contain the deadly outbreak of COVID-19. As the root cause of the spread of virus across the borders is believed to be the movement of people transmitting the virus from one person to another, Canada has also implemented the travel ban from 18th March till 30th June, exempting the permanent and temporary citizens to enable them to enter the country.

In other words, Canada’s immigration policies and procedures have witnessed changes on a daily basis in this pandemic situation. However, there is nothing to worry, if you have to submit an Express Entry Profile or Permanent Residence Application. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) continues to process permanent residence applications and hold Express Entry draws.

IRCC is operational and is processing completed application. It is also providing the leverage of additional 90 days to those individuals who have not been able to submit the completed applications due to the unforeseen delays in obtaining required documents caused by the Coronavirus. Further, the authority held two draws over the past 10 days and invited approximately 4000 candidates to apply for permanent residence. Further, the provinces are also holding draws and inviting applications through Provincial Nominee Program.

As far as temporary residence is concerned, IRCC continues to accept and process new applications, however the travel is restricted until the ban is lifted. In another situation, if you are already in Canada on your temporary visa – visitor, worker or student, then Canada will allow you to remain in the country till a decision is made on your new application. It is advisable not to travel to the port of entry or Canada-U.S. border to update your immigration status until further notice by the federal government, as it comes under non-essential travel.

Pertaining to the current situation, the applicants can expect delays in the processing times due to unfortunate restrictions and disruptions in the normal functioning of different services. In these desperate times, the applicants must keep patience and wait for the normalcy to return. Overall, there is no reason to panic as their application will be submitted and processed, though it may be delayed for a while.

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