How to get subclass 188 investment Visa for Australia

How to get subclass 188 investment Visa for Australia

Foreign nationals with a proven track-record of managing a successful business in their home country may apply for a Business Innovation and Investment subclass 188 visa and secure permanent residency in the land Down Under. Many high net worth individuals are attracted by the idea of making Australia their second home, and therefore, researching about how to get investment visa in Australia.

There are four different ways for business investors to settle in Australia through Business Innovation and Investment Visa stream, which permits foreign nationals to run a business in Australia. After five years, the visa beneficiary becomes eligible to apply for the citizenship status.

Here are the four main streams under the subclass 188 visa:

Business Innovation- Applicants must show the net asset of at least AUD 1.25 million and operate either a new or an existing business in Australia.

Investor visa-Applicants must make a minimum investment of AUD 2.5 million in Australian investments and also meet other eligibility requirements.

Significant Investor visa- Applicants under this visa stream for subclass 188 visa Australia must be able to invest 5 million in one of Australian investments and meet other eligibility requirements.

Entrepreneur Stream- Applicants must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government and secure funding support from a third-party designated agency to support their start-up in Australia.

Things to consider to apply for the subclass 188 visa

Whenever you decide to kick-start your process for the subclass 188 visa, please ensure you have the following:

    • Nomination from a state or territory agency in Australia.
    • You must score at least 65 points on the business visa points test system for the Business Innovation Stream (SC 188A) and the Investor Visa (SC 188B).
    • All the assets and funds demonstrated by you for the visa process must be legally obtained. For this, you can show tax returns and other financial documents to show the source of funds.

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