Perks of Canada’s Parent and Grandparents Program

With its window open from October 13 to November 3, The 2020 Parents and Grandparents Program admission is a clear winner for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to submit their Sponsorship Interest Forms on the IRCC website.

For this, the IRCC will organize a lottery in which they would invite interested applicants to submit sponsorship applications for the purpose of calling their parents as well as their grandparents to Canada, post the date of November 3rd. This year IRCC will be open to accepting up till 10,000 applications when it comes to Parent and Grandparents Program of Canada, 2020.

If you are one of the Canadian permanent residents planning to bring along your parents and grandparents, the perks of the PGP are obvious to you.

  • The absolute delight of being close and near to your loved ones.
  • Parents and grandparents enjoy all the benefits similar to that of Canada Permanent residents.
  • Benefits like free access to universal healthcare, ability to work in Canada, other social security perks like pension, disability and family related benefits as well as an open pathway to secure the right to become Canadian citizens.

Economic Positives of PGP Canada

  • Contribution of parents and grandparents to the income of the household which in return permits the family as a whole to have a greater purchasing power as a result.
  • Allows Flexibility to work for children with parents and grandparents with them.
  • They are excellent child care providers that provides room for children to garner more economic opportunities.

Mainly the objective if starting the PGP for Canada immigration is not just economic, social, and humanitarian objectives, but also based upon humanitarian grounds. The nation has always supported immigrant families and diversity above all. This is visible in the fact that majority of immigrants have made Canada their new home over the past few years.

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