Top 10 Highest Paid Professionals in Australia in 2019

Australia has high regards for the in-demand professionals, and so no wonder, such professionals are getting paid very well in the country.

STEM careers especially are ruling the Australian job market presently, with high-paying roles, across a plethora of tech fields, attracting both the immigrants and the nationals in a similar manner.

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Check the piece, and know who are in the list of the top 10 professionals with the highest wages this year!

1. IT Systems Architect

Average wages: A$139,690

Placed right at the top these professionals are getting the best pay packages in Oz.

2. Engineering Manager

Average wages: A$132,350

Next to the IT Systems Architect, these professionals are making money though their wages depend on the specific discipline of the engineering they could be involved with.

3. IT Manager

Average wages: A$125,660

Project Managers who understand the specific requirements of an organization, and identify how technology can solve such difficulties, using their in-demand skills are placed third in the list, and are one of the top professionals this year, in terms of drawing handsome wages.

4. IT Security Architect

Average wages: A$124,190

Cybersecurity is a very important issue, and so naturally in the list of the top 10 professionals, with the highest salaries, are placed these professionals.

5. Analytics Manager

Average wages: A$118,820

Data – or rather the capability to control and handle it – is a highly sought-after skill in Down Under, and so naturally Analytics Managers are getting very well paid here this year.

6. Cloud Engineer

Average wages: A$111,590

Qualified Engineers who may build, continue and develop such systems too, are getting very handsome wages in Down Under.

7. Construction Manager

Average wages: A$111,390

Thanks to the nation’s strong construction atmosphere, these professionals are also doing very well and drawing handsome wages.

8. Wellbeing Manager

Average wages: A$110,520

Against the backdrop of most huge companies & corporations realizing the importance of the physical and mental wellbeing of their workers, these professionals are being appreciated for what they are doing, and given wages accordingly.

9. Doctor/Physician

Average wages: A$103,400

Predictably, these professionals have made to the list, and are at the 9th position. Specialists are easily taking home over $200,000 in Oz presently.

10. Data Scientist

Average wages: A$99,510

Data Science is the ‘Sexiest profession of the 21st Century’, and so naturally, Data Scientists are doing very well and getting paid in six figures this year.

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