US Govt. eliminate country cap on Green Card

On 10th Jul 2019, a historic bill has been passed by the US lawmakers intended to remove the 7% country-cap on issuing Green Cards benefiting thousands of highly-skilled Indian IT professionals.

The bill passed by the US House of Representatives, would significantly abridge the excruciating waiting period of the talented Indian professionals who have applied for permanent residency in the United States but standing in the queue for many years. This bill will sanction the Green Card to them which will allow the eligible candidates to live and work permanently in the US.

Quite evidently, the bill stands tall to benefit professionals mostly from India whose applications for Green Cards have been permitted but they wait for decades. Indian skilled IT professionals with H-1B work visas, were the worst sufferers of the US immigration system which imposed 7% cent per country quota on the issuance of the US Green Cards. But now, lifting the per-country cap would be significant win for them.

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Recently, studies have come out with the surprising numbers which states that the waiting period for Indian IT professionals on H-1B visas is more than 70 years. One can imagine the pain and agony of the professionals who wait for a longer period of time to fulfill their dream to live in USA.

Another research reveals that, this bill will increase the per-country cap on family-based immigrant visas from 7% of the total number of such visas to 15 % every year and will eradicate the 7% cap for employment-based immigrant visas as stated above.

This bill will be game-changer in the current US Immigration system and the positive outcome will be reflected in these upcoming crucial days. The law will pave way for more professionals to apply for US Green Card those who wish to live the American Dream.

The time is right to make your way for United States!!

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