What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a Germany EU Blue Card

What are the eligibility criteria for obtaining a Germany EU Blue Card?

If you are a skilled professional planning to settle in Germany, look no further than an EU Blue Card. As a professional from a non-EU country, the EU Blue Card makes it easy for you to enter Germany and become part of its labor market.

What is an EU Blue Card?

An EU blue card is a residence permit for academics and skilled workers from non-EU countries who aspire to move to the European Union for work purposes. It is, therefore, a legal proof of residence in Europe.

Who can apply for an EU Blue Card Germany?

Any skilled professional or a university graduate from a non-EU nation can apply for the EU Blue Card. You need not demonstrate German language skills to apply. Workers in regulated occupations, such as doctors or pharmacists, must apply for a license before practicing in Germany or any part of Europe. They must also submit proof of German language skills before applying for the permit.

What are the eligibility requirements for the German EU Blue Card?

There are four basic requirements that applicants must fulfill to migrate to Germany on an EU Blue Card:

  • Their higher education degree must be recognized in Germany.
  • They must have a binding job offer or an employment contract in Germany. Applying for an EU blue card with a prior job offer letter is possible.
  • They must have been offered a gross annual salary of at least 56,800 euros. For some occupations, a lower salary threshold is accepted. These professions include mathematics, engineering, human medicine, natural sciences, and computer science. The salary figure may vary in individual EU member states.
  • Your university degree must be directly related to the job role offered.


How long is the EU Blue Card Valid?

A Germany EU Blue Card is valid for a maximum of four years when issued for the first time. If the employment contract is less than four years, the blue card is issued precisely as per the duration of the employment plus an additional three months. It can be renewed upon the expiry of this period.

What is the processing cost of the EU Blue Card? 

The cost of applying for an EU blue card is 100 euros, irrespective of the validity period. If you want to extend an existing blue card, an extension of three months is charged at 90 euros, and an extension of over three months will cost you 93 euros.

Is family reunification possible under the EU Blue Card?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and minor children to Germany based on your EU blue card. Spouses and minor children are entitled to a residence permit that allows them to work and study in Germany. They are also not required to demonstrate German language skills.  The visa and work permit application must be submitted individually by the spouse.

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